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The 15 Best Things about a VW California Ocean Campervan!

The Big Number One…..It’s Factory Fitted!  No converted transit vans here at VanGlorious. The VW California Ocean Campervan is designed, built and fitted by Volkswagen. Everything just works!

2. It sits and sleeps 4 people. Comfortably! Four seatbelts and 2 super comfy double beds means everyone gets a good night’s sleep. 

3. The front chairs swivel round so there is room for four around the internal table. Great for mealtimes and board games. 

4. The pop-up roof elevates in around 1 minute, at the touch of a button!

5. There is a 42-litre fridge to keep the milk and beer nice and chilly. 

6. Two gas rings to cook on, and boil the kettle for a cup of camper-tea. An essential!

7. Running water from a 30-litre tank, for washing up, and brushing your teeth at night. 

8. Masses of storage! I mean loads of room. Drawers, cupboards, a wardrobe and a huge boot space too. Don’t worry about packing too light, the California Ocean can fit everything in with ease. 

9. A picnic table and two removeable chairs are included. Cleverly hidden away within the van, they are easily accessible for those emergency G&T sundowner moments!

10. You can take your dog! As the cabin is very spacious, there is loads of room for your four legged friend to travel in. 

11. The VW California Ocean is so versatile compared to a Motorhome or Caravan. It’s like driving a family SUV, and can navigate even the trickiest of narrow country lanes or medieval village streets. You can go anywhere! 

12. It’s ready for any type of holiday you want. Skiing, cycling, surfing, climbing, or golfing are all do-able with your Cali. 

13. There is an incredible diesel heater which warms up your Campervan within minutes. You can program it, or control it from a remote control key fob. Super toasty! 

14. You can add anything on-to or in-to your van to make your holiday perfect for you. The Drive Away awning fits onto your van with ease, there is room for the porta-potti in the cabin, and you can attach a bike rack to the tow-bar. And so much more. 

15. It’s a freedom machine! With the option of camping anywhere, and cooking for yourself, not only is it a cheaper break, but you are not tied to one place for the duration of your holiday. Hit the road, follow the sun and find your happy place in a VW California Ocean Campervan.

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