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I know what we did this summer….

Adventures in our VW Campervan, Summer 2019.

What a year 2019 has been, and it’s only October.

VanGlorious was launched, and we have been busy! Not only sending adVANturers on their way across the continent in our Campervans but fitting in our own holidays too.  We have been to some family favourites and also explored places we haven’t been to before, discovering some real gems.  

We have done theme parks to secret-beach hunts, wild camps to luxury campsites, and one nighters to full on weeks, and the Campervan has risen to the occasion every time

I love the spontaneity of having a sunny day and no plan. Being able to chuck a toothbrush, a sleeping bag and a bottle of wine in the van, and away we go to find some fun. It’s liberating. Having everything we need already in place in the Campervan encourages us to have even more adventures and takes us to places we wouldn’t normally have bothered with. Having the freedom just to pull up somewhere, knowing that we can eat and sleep in absolute comfort makes it a stress-free mystery tour.  Check out what is in the van.

All the children need is a field to run around in, somewhere to explore with new friends and a comfortable bed at the end of it. All I need is… to enjoy watching them do it.

VanGlorious is completely committed to, and very mindful of, our impact on the environment. We are very proud of our Green-Credentials.  

‘But these are fuel guzzling machines’ I hear you cry. Yes, they use fuel, however, they only sip it. But I am talking about the impact and cost of taking four people away on holiday. Compared to flights, aeroplanes, cruises and boats, using a Campervan to take your family away on holiday has much less of an effect on both the environment and your pocket. A win all ways round! I can wax lyrical on this subject, and I will, in future blogs! 

So, what’s our next adventure?  

We are still chasing the Northern Lights and are heading to Kielder Water and Forest Park this winter. Visit Kielder 

Kielder Campsite is in Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. It is the largest Dark Sky Park area of protected night sky in Europe! And if we miss the Northern Lights, we are sure to see an unrivalled display of starry skies, whilst enjoying a hot chocolate, and being completely cosy in our amazing Campervan.  

I’ll let you know how we get on! 

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