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City Breaks in a Campervan

A Campervan isn’t just for Summer holidays and road trip adventures… how about a City Break? 

Campervans are increasingly becoming the unconventional choice for urban adventures. Let’s have a look at the unique charm and practicalities of city breaks on wheels.

5 reasons to take your VanGlorious VW Campervan and head for the bright lights of the city:

1. Unconventional Urban Exploration

The traditional city break often involves booking an expensive hotel in the heart of the action, lugging your cases to your hotel room, navigating public transportation, and dealing with a noisy night. Campervan city breaks, on the other hand, offer an entirely different perspective. Picture waking up to the city skyline, with iconic landmarks just outside your window. The freedom to park in various locations allows you to tailor your experience, immersing yourself in the heart of the city’s culture, history, and vibrant atmosphere.

2. Home is Where You Park It

A campervan is not just a mode of transportation; it’s your home on wheels. This means you can park up in a designated area or even a scenic spot and have all your amenities at your disposal. No need to worry about checkout times or rushing back to your hotel – the city becomes an extension of your living space. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast (that you have made), with a view of the city, or unwind in the evening under the stars after a day of urban exploration.

3. Cost-Effective City Living

City breaks can sometimes be synonymous with high accommodation costs. Campervans provide an affordable alternative, with the overall savings on accommodation and dining making city breaks in a campervan surprisingly budget friendly. Pack your own meals, explore local markets, and dine with the flexibility of your mobile kitchen, saving money while savouring the local flavours. We recently stayed at Warwick racecourse campsite for a weekend break. We could walk into Warwick, see the sights and have a pint in the pubs. Then wander back to our Campervan for a BBQ, keeping costs down for a family of four, but not compromising on a city break experience and a comfortable night’s sleep. Check these ideas for UK city campsites out…

4. Flexibility and Spontaneity

One of the greatest advantages of city breaks in a campervan is the unparalleled flexibility it offers. If a particular neighbourhood captures your interest, stay a little longer. If you decide to change your plans midday, you have the freedom to do so without worrying about hotel check-ins or out. And don’t forget, your VanGlorious Campervan is also your transport, both to and from your home, and also to get into the City itself. It’s remarkably versatile, the size of the VW California Ocean being around the same as a large family SUV. 

5. Embracing the Great Outdoors in the Heart of the City

Campervans provide a unique blend of urban living and outdoor exploration. Enjoy the conveniences of city life while being in close proximity to parks and green spaces. Take morning jogs along the riverbank or enjoy a picnic in a nearby park. A campervan allows you to balance the excitement of the city with moments of serenity and nature – a rare and refreshing combination!

City breaks in a campervan can redefine the conventional urban getaway. You’ve got the best of both worlds – the thrill of city exploration and the freedom of the open road. So, why not trade the hotel key for a set of wheels and embark on a city adventure where your campervan is not just a mode of transport, but an integral part of the journey itself?

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