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Happy Families

Yes, VERY happy families!

How would taking my family away in a VW California Campervan work?  

Do we all fit in?  

Where would we sleep?  

How much luggage can we take?  

VW Campervan on a weekend away

I get quite a few enquiries about how our VanGlorious Campervans provide comfortable family holidays.  

We have been doing it for years now, but I clearly remember the first time we took our California away, it felt a bit daunting. Exciting for sure, but it was a definite unknown.  We had watched numerous videos, pored over the brochure, and were beyond excited awaiting the arrival of our new adventure. We were ready.  

How much room with a view?

Our boys were 4 and a half and 18 months old when our Campervan joined the family. We were trepidatious, but we soon learned that we needn’t have been.  

There is so much room in the van, we comfortably fitted everything we need in, including luggage, the Drive-Away awning, pushchair and all the ‘baby’ stuff required for the week. The VW Californias are very comfortable to travel in, with bags of seating space, and they drive just like a large family car (I use ours daily as my normal vehicle).   

The living space in the cabin is perfect. Once the front seats are turned round, the four of us can cook, eat or play games round the internal table. With the roof up, you can raise the upper bed-shelf too which gives a fabulous feeling of space, allowing you to stand up. If you are on an Electric Hook-Up, you have the facility to charge up your phones/tablets etc or run small appliances from the van, like a toaster or a hairdryer.  

When it’s bedtime, the boys sleep upstairs, snug in sleeping bags and blankets if the weather is cooler. There is a cargo net which attaches upstairs, next to the access hatch. This stops any wriggly kids falling, if you wanted to keep the hatch open. We sleep downstairs on a very comfortable mattress.  

Family matters

Apart from the practical workings of the California, I can wax lyrical for hours on the benefits of a family Campervan holiday! The children’s excitement of sleeping upstairs in the roof, watching them run around playing on campsites with new-found friends, stargazing at night, telling stories whilst toasting marshmallows round the fire, it’s idyllic. The best thing is that at the end of the day, you get to retire to a luxurious space, with a comfortable bed, a heater if required and a high-spec kitchen, refreshed and ready for the next day. A trip to the beach? A family bike ride? Or just relaxing at the campsite.  

What we love about our Campervan holidays is the versatility and flexibility it allows you. Everything you need is in the van, all the time. If you fancied going out for the day, you just lower the roof, unhook your power supply and off you go. You can pull over somewhere and make some lunch or put the kettle on. All your luggage is with you, so if you decide to do some unplanned swimming in that perfect beach you’ve just spotted, you’ve got everything you need with you. All options are open.  

The VanGlorious fleet rises to the family holiday challenge every time, and it hasn’t let us down yet. From European tours, to taking us Skiing in the Alps, and short notice ‘drop-everything-we’re-going’ type weekend breaks, we have had so much fun. And in such comfort too.  

Go on. You CAN do it

The VanGlorious campervans come fully supplied with all kitchen and dining equipment, so that’s one less thing to worry about.  

When you come and collect your van I will give you a detailed tour of all the functions and delights of the California Oceans to give you peace of mind that you know how everything works and where everything is. I’ve done the research and hard work for you!

All you need to worry about is have you remembered the bucket and spade…… 

Get in touch today to book a holiday your family will never forget.

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