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If ‘coffee’ is the answer, what was the question?

The question is….

“What is the first thing I should pack? I’ve never been away in a Campervan before!”

Ok, I guess the real answer is probably ‘underwear’, but here at VanGlorious, we get a lot of questions about how big the storage areas are, how much you can take, and what should I take?

You can forget worrying about kitchen and dining equipment, your VanGlorious Campervan has you covered, but here are our suggestions on what you will definitely need, and what would be good to have.

The basics…

Whatever you would normally take away on a holiday is probably what you are still going to need in a Campervan, but possibly less of it! ‘Travel size’ everything you can, it makes life easier to start your journey with. 

Your normal holiday clothing, weather appropriate, and a pair of slip-on shoes (like Crocs, dare I say it!), for just popping in and out of the van. Something cosy for the evenings, sat outside, round your campfire. 

Not too much food, (but enough beer/wine!). There are likely to be shops where you are going, so stock up on the way. Enough for a couple of breakfasts/lunches to get you going is a great start. And coffee. The onboard fridge is a splendid 42litres, loads of room for your essentials.

Keep it simple, there’s bags of room, but being able to access everything is what makes Campervan trips simple. 

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Home comforts…

Don’t forget your book/kindle, bluetooth speaker, pack of cards, hairdryer etc. There’s always room for your holiday essentials. The VW California Ocean is a luxurious Campervan which makes your holiday a leap from being a bit damp and uncomfortable, to Road Trip Royalty

With full electrics in the van, you can take all your technical kit and be assured that you can charge it all up on a hook-up cable. You’ll get a great nights sleep so don’t worry about extra mattresses and duvets and thermal pyjamas, it’s an incredibly warm insulated cabin with a comfort memory foam mattress. 

Don’t worry about only being able to eat beans on toast, you can cook up a feast in the van, or you could hire our amazing Cobb BBQ cooker where you can cook pizzas, roast a chicken or of course, whip up a full cooked breakfast! 

Have we missed anything?

Probably! There is always that “I wish I had packed the ****” moment! 

Get in touch if you have any questions about ‘VanLife’, and ONLINE booking is now available. Book today, and don’t forget your toothbrush!

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