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Our brand new VW California Ocean Campervans have arrived!

9 People. 3 vans. One Hygge.

The vans have finally arrived and for the preceding weeks I have been beyond excited. Thank you to everyone for your messages of encouragement and support.  

I have spent days and days choosing the right kettles, the perfect wine glasses and the most colourful spatulas! I have written guides, organised van stickers, and agonised over whether we needed a flag. We do need a flag. Every company should have a massive flag.

And then suddenly, the vans were built, to the highest spec and the first two Vanglorious vans arrived at HQ. I actually hugged them.  

But there was no time for hugging, we had planned a launch party and we needed to get ready to go.  

We were taking the three vans and 9 family and friends to a weekend festival on the North Norfolk Coast. We chose the Hygge festival at our favourite Norfolk campsite, Deepdale Backpackers and Camping, because we went last year, and it was a blast! So what better way for us to launch Vanglorious?

Our festival companions had never been in a Campervan before, and we asked them to join us specifically because of this. We wanted some honest feedback on their experiences to check we were doing things right! We were joined by our friends including their 6 year old boy, and my intrepid parents, AKA The Grampervanners. Afterall, a Vanglorious holiday is for everyone, whether you are a young family looking for adventure or a couple looking for calm and relaxation. The Vanglorious experience should fit your needs, and we were about to test this out!

We had such a good time. Lots of laughs and some hysterical memories that will make me chuckle for years to come. The journey to Norfolk was worthy of a Top Gear Special. There was a road closed and I put my faith in the alternative route the Sat Nav offered. It was one of the funniest journeys I have ever done, and I have seen parts of Lincolnshire that I didn’t know existed. However, despite many concerned texts from our convoy, the vans got us to our destination, navigating the miles of single-track lanes safely and in total comfort. What’s more, we made it to the Hygge in time for the Ceilidh. And after wolfing down some hot-dogs we hit the bar. The weekend was fuelled by champagne, dancing, marshmallows, far too much food and loads of fresh air. The children loved the Hygge – music, storytelling, games and lots of running around. Perfect kid stuff.  

And as for our new Campervanners…?  

They all said they would do it again…lots of relaxation, and everything they needed to make the most of the event. And what’s more the sun never stopped shining.  So, my work here is done, Vanglorious is born. It’s official.   

A massive Thank You to all concerned for making the VanGlorious launch easy, fun and certainly memorable.

VanGlorious team in  front of a new van

And as for the two new vans, the twins. What did we call them? Well that is a tale for another blog instalment, so stay tuned….. 

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