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Storage areas in your VW California Ocean Campervan.

Where on earth do you put everything?!

It’s a common question, and one of the biggest concerns people have about going on a holiday in a Campervan. It’s also one of the things our customers are pleasantly surprised about! There’s bags of room! What are the storage areas in the VW California Ocean?

Yes, it is a very versatile and compact vehicle. But it is also very clever. Every area has been considered, planned and made available to the user. From a tiny sunglasses holder, to the huge boot area, VW have got you covered. Read on to explore our vans, and the list of all the storage areas at your disposal.

The Boot!

The VW California Ocean offers a spacious rear storage compartment that can be accessed from the rear tailgate. This compartment is perfect for storing larger items such as suitcases, camping chairs, tables, and other bulky equipment (like the Drive Away Awning) etc. With its generous size, you can easily fit everything you need for outdoor activities without compromising on space. You can also travel with the rear bench moved forward, allowing even more room in the boot. Bonus!

A large three shelved storage cupboard has also been designed to fit above the gas bottle compartment, keeping everything neat and tidy, and easily accessible.

The Main Cabin.

Inside the campervan, you’ll find a range of cupboards and drawers strategically placed throughout the living area. These storage solutions offer convenient access to your everyday essentials. The cupboards under the kitchen are perfect for storing kitchen utensils, dishes, pots and pans and food items. The large drawer under the bench provides additional space for larger items such as shoes, coats etc. This is easily accessed from both inside and outside your van. The well-designed storage options ensure that everything is organised and within reach.

Wardrobe and sliding storage.

There is also a wardrobe cupboard with hanging rail, so your clothes can stay pristine. This wardrobe has a mirror in the door, great for emergency lipstick moments! Next to the wardrobe are some small storage shelves worked into the window blind.

There is also a slim pull down cupboard above the bench, which is where we keep maps, books, colouring pads and our tech stuff.

Drivers area.

The front of the Campervan has ample cupboards and room in the doors to keep things close by. There are glove boxes, cup and bottle holders, phone areas (with USB connector), and even a bin for your sweet wrappers!

Table and chairs.

There is a picnic table secured in the sliding door and two camp chairs hidden in the tailgate door. VW really have maximised every little space to ensure your compact Campervan is packed full of storage. Very clever! Inside the main cabin there is also a dining table which is stowed alongside the kitchen and rear bench. Slide it out along the rail, and extend the legs, voila…your dining room is set up.

Check out our videos!

Head over to our Facebook page where you can watch some videos showcasing the amazing VW California Ocean storage and set up.

Storage areas in the VW California Ocean

It’s what we are asked most about, and it’s also the thing we are least worried about! As long as you aren’t planning on taking the kitchen sink, you will have room for everything you need for a holiday. Dog stuff included! We have taken a Campervan on a skiing holiday, and comfortably managed to take all the bulky items required for a winter holiday for four people. No problem at all.

The VW California Ocean Campervan is a fantastic choice for those seeking a versatile and well-equipped campervan with ample storage space. From the rear storage compartment to the under-bed storage and various cupboards and drawers, this campervan offers multiple storage solutions to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. Whether you’re embarking on a short weekend getaway or a longer road trip, the VW California Ocean’s storage areas ensure that you have all the space you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. So pack your essentials, hit the road, and let your VanGlorious Campervan be your trusted companion for memorable camping adventures.

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