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Stranger Things

It is said that ‘No news is good news’ and I’m happy to say it’s true this time.

We’ve been quiet for a while, VanGlorious has hunkered down and weathered the storm of Coronavirus, with lockdowns and travel restrictions playing havoc with everyone’s holiday plans this year. We focused on keeping both our family and our customers safe, planning for new regimes and being positive for next year’s travels.

Surprisingly, we’ve only had a couple of cancellations as Campsites were closed, and I’m pleased to say that everyone has been re-booked and the VanGlorious Campervans have hit the road again. You just can’t keep a good campervan down! (Especially VW Californias, they need to regularly show themselves off).

Our customers have occasionally had to re-jig itineraries, sometimes at the last minute, but that’s the beauty and freedom of a Campervan…your own personal Hotel California. 

An open mind and an open road are all you need.

Now is the time to start thinking about next year’s holidays. I know it may seem too soon, or a bit reckless even, but I am overjoyed that we are taking bookings for next year already. The calendar is steadily filling up and there may be a couple of things that may persuade you…. 

  • Your £150 deposit will be totally refunded if you are unable to take your holiday due to Government-imposed travel restrictions. You don’t even have to worry where you are going just yet. South of France? Norwegian Fjords? Cornwall’s beaches? Scotland’s rugged beauty? If you’ve got your Campervan booked, you can decide where it will take you later! 
  • We are having a Winter sale! Watch this space and keep your eye on Social Media for our 2021 offers. If you would like to to join our mailing list and be the first to know, send your details to [email protected]

Take the plunge and book your adventure now to avoid disappointment.  

Contact us to book your holiday today!

I had the good fortune to meet an amazing family this summer, and they have very kindly taken the time to write a blog about their travels in one of our Campervans. They enjoyed it so much, they’ve taken a van away again for a second trip!


Please take the time to read about their experience, there are some truly stunning photos in the story. If you were not convinced you could take your family away in a campervan, this will convince you that it’s definitely possible and bags of fun too.  

Getting out of your comfort zone couldn’t be more comfortable!

We look forward to organising your 2021 adVANtures, so get in touch today.

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