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Taking a Campervan to a festival.

Festivals are magical experiences, filled with music, laughter, and a sense of a shared experience. While the music and the atmosphere play a pivotal role, the way you choose to play a festival can greatly enhance the overall enjoyment. Taking a campervan to a festival is a game changer. A mobile haven that not only provides shelter but transforms the entire festival experience. Check out 2024’s hottest festivals.

Freedom and Flexibility:

One of the key advantages of opting for a campervan at a festival is the unparalleled freedom and flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional camping, where you’re confined to a tent, a campervan allows you to create your own oasis on wheels. Whether you’re craving a cosy night’s sleep or an impromptu dance party, your campervan becomes the canvas for your festival experience.

Comfort Amidst Chaos:

Festival grounds can be a chaotic whirlwind of energy, so making a comfortable retreat is all the more valuable. Campervans provide a sanctuary where you can recharge both physically and mentally. A comfortable bed, and a functional kitchen can turn your festival weekend into a comfortable getaway, ensuring you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in the festivities each day.

And let’s not underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep! Your VanGlorious campervan has incredibly comfortable beds for four people! They are quieter and cosier than a tent, and dare I mention drier! No more damp sleeping bags if the weather isn’t kind. 

The Ultimate Base Camp:

Your campervan is not just a mode of transportation; it’s your festival base camp. Picture this: waking up to the soft hum of music in the air, stepping outside to the vibrant energy of the festival, and knowing that at the end of the night, you have a cosy haven waiting for you. No need to navigate through crowded campsites or endure the trek back to distant parking lots – your campervan is your home away from home, strategically positioned at the heart of the action.

And don’t forget…you don’t have to lug your tent and bags halfway across a field, and then get your pitch sorted. You’re already there! 

Social Hub:

Festivals are about connecting with people, and a campervan can be the ultimate social hub. Invite friends, both old and new, to join you for a pre-show gathering, share stories, and create memories. 

The VanGlorious Campervans come ready supplied with a picnic table and chairs for chilling out and soaking up the atmosphere. With the convenience of having your own space, your campervan can become a central meeting point, a place where your festival friends can converge for impromptu celebrations and late-night conversations.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity:

While festival food is undeniably delicious, the convenience of having your own kitchen in a campervan adds a whole new dimension to your culinary experience. Not only will the fridge keep your beer chilled, you can channel your inner chef and whip up tasty meals to suit. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to kickstart the day or a late-night snack to fuel the dance floor, having a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal gives you the freedom to customize your festival menu. This can also save you loads of money as eating out can be expensive!

But if you did need a bit more room, or have friends joining you, there is the option of the Drive Away awning. This can not only add extra space for all your festival essentials, but more living room and extra bedrooms for your mates. Perfect! (Check with the festival organisers that you can take awnings onto your pitch).  

Quick Tips:

  1. Check your ticket type! Make sure you have booked a Campervan Pitch.
  2. Consider hiring the Porta-Potti. You can’t use it in the van, but you could use it in the awning or a pup tent.
  3. There isn’t usually hook-up facility at large festivals so take power packs for your tech. 
  4. Take some basic food supplies for a cuppa and a quick meal (pasta etc). 
  5. Levelling chocks are supplied with the van, but be prepared to use them!
  6. Leave your boots/shoes outside. Yes, it may be muddy, but it’s nice to have a clean space. 
  7. Take lots of clean socks.

Taking a campervan to a festival isn’t just a mode of accommodation; it’s a lifestyle choice that enhances every aspect of your experience. And don’t forget, it’s your transport too! 

You have the freedom to create your own space to the comfort of a home on wheels, a campervan opens up a world of possibilities at festivals. So, as you plan your next festival adventure, consider the joy of rolling into the grounds with your own mobile haven – a campervan that will not only be your shelter but an integral part of the memories you create. 

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