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The Van Plan – 2023!  

I know, I know…it’s nearly May, I hear you cry, and you have only just sorted out your holidays?! 

Well, not really, but I’m only telling you about the Van Plan 23 now. Honestly, everything had been meticulously planned ages ago! Planning family trips in a Campervan requires variety. Who needs bored kids?!

We have been steadily adding to the Campervan kit over the last 12 months and have invested in a much larger Drive Away awning (now referred to as the party tent!), bought a SUP-Yak to have some fun with (more on that later, and no, it isn’t Dinner crossed with a hairy animal), and got very au-fait with new technical video equipment, including the addition of a drone too. 

The reason I am telling you all about our planned adventures is not to brag (!), but hopefully to answer any questions you may have about what you can get up to with your Campervan as a family, and to provide a bit of inspiration on places to visit and stay too. 

Anyway…here is what we are hoping to get up to this year, in the UK.  

Pitch Perfect – Rutland Water. Cycling.  This will be the first time this year that we are going to take everything we need with us. As our kit has grown, our aim is to do a trial run to check that we can still comfortably take everything we need, and want, with us! We pack light anyway, but I’d rather know now that I can’t take the toaster with me! Rutland Water is a great place for a family cycle, great scenery and a varied track too.

Tissington Trail – Derbyshire. Cycling. Our planned weekend to Tissington didn’t get off the ground due to life-stuff, but we have rescheduled for June. We love the Peak District, and I have planned a full weekend of cycling, walking, and eating (I must have a real Bakewell Tart every time we go to Derbyshire!).

Coastal Path walk – Norfolk. Walking. We started walking the North Norfolk Coastal Path last year, starting at Hunstanton, and we aim to pick up where we left off. It’s a great walk to do with the family as you pass by so many interesting things, and of course numerous beaches for a paddle and a bit of exploring. What is also perfect about this coastal walk is the Coasthopper regular bus service which you can jump on or off along the route and it will take you back to where you started at your campsite! 

Wet And Wild – Staffordshire. Water sports. We love the water in this family, and after having watched so many people having fun on boards and boats, we decided to invest in our own water-based adventures by buying a SUP-Yak. This is a hybrid board – a Stand-up Paddle Board meets a Kayak. We couldn’t decide which to buy, SUP or Kayak, but when we came across this product, we knew this was what we were after. We have taken to it like a duck to water (pun intended), and I have found a great campsite which combines quality facilities, and caters for water sports too. Perfect!

City Break – Possibly York. It’s not all about camping and the great outdoors with a Campervan. It has to be a practical vehicle for us too. When we have travelled abroad, we are always stunned at how versatile the vehicle is, fitting through narrow alleyways and navigating the ridiculous underground car parks of France! We successfully drove through Paris with a roof box and bike rack and managed to negotiate the medieval craziness of Florence too. So, we are planning a trip to York, staying in the van within the city boundaries and hitting the sights and museums with the boys. This will save us hundreds of pounds in hotel and restaurant bills, and we know we will all get a great night’s sleep too. 

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