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It starts with a Why? – Why are campervans right for us?

Myself and the boys (aka: the villainous 3) have tried them all – we have (accidentally) managed to rent a small camper van (actually a micro campervan), Cottages, All Inclusive Resorts, Long Haul, Tents, Yurts, 7000 mile Road Trips on Motorbikes, treks across the Bernese Oberland… As I said we have tried the lot. We love to travel and we love freedom and we love independence.


My husband and I honeymooned, we spent part of our trip travelling around New Zealand in a Spaceship. No, not a rocket but a low-cost van conversion from the Spaceship company. Even though we accidentally managed to rent a small campervan, It was amazing. Freedom to roam from place to place without too much planning or fuss. If we didn’t like a place, or we got a better offer from people that we met along the way, we just turned the key and set off in that new direction. We loved it. That little van was key to achieving a really relaxed three weeks, where there were no plans and only spontaneous sights, new encounters, great beaches and stunning mountains. It was bliss. However, at no time did we consider getting a campervan, or embracing that kind of holiday.


Some Details – Hire a Micro Campervan

You might think that is strange, given where we have ended up, but I should share a couple of details about that holiday.

Firstly, we rented a converted Toyota Estima for our trip. A plucky, ‘low rent’, small campervan – a minivan – a micro campervan.  With the emphasis firmly on little. So little in fact, that my sky scraping other half was literally stuck out of the back of the van whenever he bedded down. And the facilities on the conversion were rudimentary to say the least. No kitchen, no frills and no entertainment other than a gas burner and a DVD player. Both simply bolted to the wall. On our honeymoon we really did not mind. We just wanted to find the perfect empty beach, snowy mountain and welcoming restaurant .

However, at home we had the car and our tent was a luxurious option for a camping road trip holiday. So that is what we did. It was only the 2 of us, so it was either a luxury hotel or full on adventure.

And Then… 

Our two boys arrived. And we felt that, with 2 young children, our options were limited. Adventure was a no-go as a family. And more facilities were needed than our lovely tent could offer….what with bottles, nappies, cots etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, we fought the inevitable. We even booked a motorhome and headed off with our eldest when he was under a year old. We found the motorhome to be a handful to drive, to park and to set up.

Walking to the beach

So we settled on cottages by the coast and got down to making memories. Always with a tinge of regret at the lack of freedom and the loss of independence. Don’t get me wrong, the cottages were great in the main. Most were home from home. But this was the problem. They were just like home. And home doesn’t shout adventure. It whispers “what’s on CBeebies”.
So what happened to get ‘me and the 3’ to here? To VanGlorious. Well simply one chance encounter. I bumped into an old friend, who was also a real campervan enthusiast. He owned a nice VW T5 and he took the time to open my eyes to the possibilities, and to dispel the myths.

The Myths

  1. But they only have room for 2? – No, they are 4 or even 5 berth.
  2. But they are uncomfortable? – No, they are like a 5 Star hotel on wheels.

But they are, but they are, but they are……….

“Go and rent one and see for yourself – you will love them” he said. 

So we did

We rented one for a weekend and headed out. I couldn’t believe it. Easy to drive, easy to park. Fridge, cooker, loads of storage, super comfy beds with memory foam. We didn’t stop smiling for the whole weekend. And even better, the husband fitted in when he was in sleep-mode!

That was 3 years ago, and since then we haven’t looked back. We have bought our own and done as much as time allows. Travelling around the UK and Europe, attended a wedding in Italy, gone to a Danish festival in Norfolk, discovered The Peak District, body boarded in Brittany and loads more. As always, we are still searching for the perfect empty beach to relax on and cook some food.

And we are not finished, nor satisfied. We have grand plans to be more and more adventurous. (See next blog!)

Go on Rent A Van

So as my friend suggested to me… Go on, do it! Rent a Vanglorious campervan and see for yourself – you will love them, it’s simple. You can book online by selecting the fleet page to see all of the vans or you can choose from Big, Medium or Perfectly formed vehicles. 

If you have any questions then get in touch and our expert team will ensure that you have everything that you need for the perfect adventure. 

Go on make some memories this year!

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