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What’s so great about a Campervan?

I regularly extoll the virtues of hiring our campervans, so this is a simple guide to some of the best features of a VanGlorious VW California Ocean campervan

Not everyone knows how a Campervan works and not everyone knows how amazing the Calis are in the wide spectrum of Campervans available.  

Volkswagen Campervans have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 50s. Everyone loves the split screen original T1 Campervan (and owning one is still on my wish list!), but ‘splittys’ come with their issues, namely reliability, and the air-cooled engine, being a big one.  

Over the years, a pop-top roof and kitchen was introduced, and in 2015 the T6 model was released (recognisable as our California Oceans). The biggest feature was a much better engine and the fact that it drives just like a car with an automatic gear box.  These new modern classic VW Camper Vans can travel across Europe with ease.

This is one of the qualities I love about our Campervan. I use it as my main vehicle as it’s so versatile and easy to drive. It’s hardly bigger than the luxury family SUVs available and if I can park it in a supermarket parking space, anyone can!  

As for the features of the van, and why it is so perfect for a holiday (either a weekend or much longer), the list is endless really.  

We have travelled all over Europe, and the California has taken the journeys in its stride. In fact, we call it the ‘mile muncher’. It’s so comfortable to travel in, that our children don’t notice that we’ve been on the road for hours! The front seats have arm rests, the entertainment system keeps us, well, entertained, and the air-con keeps us comfy. We can pull over anytime and make a cup of tea and have lunch, all without leaving the van.  

The main cabin has a pull-out table, and the front seats easily turn around to create a dining area for four, with easy access to the large fridge, gas hobs, sink and cupboards. This is one of the benefits of a factory fitted Campervan over a conversion, there are no tables to screw on, chairs to be lifted round etc. The California fittings are smooth, easy to use and very clever.  

The main cabin is where the rock and roll bed is. Rock and Roll you say? Not that kind of Rock and Roll! 

The back seat (bench) rolls forward and you rock the back of the bench down to create a double bed. The comfort mattress waiting in the boot just unfolds over the bed to give you a luxurious night’s sleep. You can also access the diesel heater from a remote control, so you can go from chilly to toasty in minutes, without getting out of bed.  

There is also the option of sleeping in the pop-up roof. This is an automated system in the California Oceans, you just press a button and the roof lifts up in around a minute. No manual winching required! There is integral lighting in the roof area and zipped windows too, so if you wanted to wake up to a spectacular view, this is where to be.  

The kitchen area is amazing. The sink runs cold water from a 30l tank, there is a two-ring gas hob (gas tank provided), and the 42l fridge is surprisingly large. Enough for a couple of bottles of wine and loads of food for the week. We provide all your kitchen and dining equipment too, everything you should need for self-catering is there for you. And talking of wine…cleverly hidden away in the sliding door is picnic table and secreted in the boot door are two camp chairs, so you can enjoy a sundowner under the wind out awning after a hard day’s adventuring. Volkswagen really have thought of everything!  

On the technical side, the California Ocean comes with a powerful leisure battery. This keeps everything in the main cabin running for around 4 days, if you are not on a hook-up pitch that is. It runs the fridge and the lighting etc. The leisure battery is charged up by driving the van around. We provide a hook up cable, so if you can get a campsite pitch with electricity, you can plug your van in! This allows you to use the campsite’s electricity to power the van, rather than the battery, which in turn means the domestic 3 pin plug socket in the van works, letting you charge up your phones, plug in a toaster or hairdryer etc. Talk about luxurious camping! 

I could wax lyrical about the features of our California Oceans for hours, and I feel I have hardly scratched the surface with all the gadgets. I can get a bit ‘Columbo’ with… ‘Just one more thing…’ as I remember the refrigerated glove box (I kid you not).  

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about our Campervans.  

Did I mention the huge amount of storage….?! 

If you were looking for places to visit in the UK in your VanGlorious Campervan, check out this guide, issued by Volkswagen themselves.

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