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Winter adventures in a Campervan – chasing leaves and snowflakes.

A winter holiday in a Campervan? Of course you can!

Most people associate Campervan holidays with sunshine, summer road trips and beaches. However, the beauty of the modern VW Campervans is that they are comfortable and luxurious to get away in, for 12 months of the year!

As a big fan of our beautiful country, we totally appreciate our surroundings in all seasons, not just the sunny ones, and an out of season get away can be just beautiful. 

We love the great outdoors, and sometimes, just a good autumnal walk through the woods can be really invigorating. It doesn’t always have to be a grand expedition, just getting away for a deep breath of fresh air can do the soul no end of good. 

The thought of taking a Campervan holiday in the cooler seasons could put a lot of people off… but don’t be so hasty! 

Your Campervan will look after you, whatever the weather. As well as there being bags of room inside, you can also feel so cosy with the heater on and a big mug of hot chocolate to keep you happy (with or without the Baileys!). 

The diesel heater in the VW California Ocean is an absolute trooper. It is incredibly efficient, heats the interior up in no time, and will keep you warm at night, ticking along on a thermostat. You can even take the remote control fob with you to bed, and if you are feeling a bit chilly, you can turn the heater on without even getting out of your sleeping bag. Amazing! 

Winter holidays are often associated with crackling fires, hot cocoa, and snug cabins, but why not break away from tradition and embark on a unique adventure? Picture this: a campervan, wheels crunching through freshly fallen snow, as you chase the elusive beauty of winter landscapes. If you’re craving a holiday that combines the warmth of home with the thrill of the great outdoors, a winter campervan getaway might just be your ticket to a memorable experience.

Where to go?

One of the greatest joys of winter campervanning is the flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional holidays where you’re tied to a single location, your campervan becomes a rolling cocoon of comfort and freedom. Imagine waking up to a different autumnal or snowy panorama every morning, the world outside your window changing as you sip on a steaming cup of coffee. 

Whether you choose a national park, a lakeside retreat, or a mountainous terrain, the possibilities are endless for your winter holiday in a Campervan. Don’t forget that you can get yourself right into the action, parking your VW California next to the slopes for a spot of skiing, the trails for your mountain biking and right in the foothills for that stunning autumnal walk. 

Your VanGlorious campervan is equipped with all the modern comforts of home, so you will be warm and cosy, and have the gas hob ready to warm up bowls of soup, a tasty chilli or a filling bowl of porridge for breakfast! And don’t forget your portable stove to toast those marshmallows for a spot of star gazing. And if you have planned it right, you could catch the Northern Lights if you are lucky! A winter holiday in a Campervan is a special thing, almost like a secret you don’t want to let too many people in on…. Shhhhh.

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