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500 days of summer

Why does the open road call?

Just a quickie today. I have been thinking about how I can best make memories for my young boys this year. I am always keen to get out on the open road with my 3 ‘boys’ in the VW Ocean and have an advanture. Honestly, it is more than a want, it is more than a need or a desire – It is pressing, it is urgent, action is often required, immediately.  

So I started to wonder Why? Why does the open road call with such urgency? I have got plenty of time right? The 2 boys are only young, so I don’t need to hurry. Right?  

Nope! – I worried, I fretted, I did the maths (I always do the maths when I fret).  

I figure I have 6 weeks of holidays for the next 10 years before they start going their own way. Wanting their own adventures with their own friends. Without me and Dad. So how many days is that? 6 times 7 times 10. That’s only 420 days! If I eek out a few weekenders in term time that is still only 500 days. Only 500 hundred days of Summer to make all the memories I long for with my family.

Right…I better make sure that I stick to my plans for this year (in the VanPlan). Time is pressing, it is urgent, action is required.

If you feel like you want to make memories for your family too, we can help you to fill 500 days of Summer with 5000 sun drenched memories. 

If an adventurous life is knocking down your door, then make VanGlorious memories of your own. It’s simple. Just get in touch and our expert team will ensure that you have everything that you need for the perfect adventure. Go on, make memories this year book a VW California Ocean camper van from VanGlorious

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