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The Van Plan

Pack your bags! 2019 is a big year.

Sure, we have launched Vanglorious and we are getting bookings in the diary (thank you by the way) but we are also committed to our own adventures. Life goes on and fun must be had. 

We know that we only have a limited time to make memories with the boys (before they have plans of their own) and we want to make every day count. Wait, that sounded like a chore, something we have to work at, it’s really not, it’s our passion and it’s easy (Vansplaining ). Planning what we are doing throughout the next 12 months is one of the best activities of the year. Full of excitement, limitless potential and much needed dreams of adventure during the dark months of winter.

Winding Mountain road to blue sea

So anyway, what of our plans?

Well, the main theme of this year is to test the amazing VW Ocean to its limits. From beaches to the outer reaches. And to try and do some of the things that we have always wanted to do as well.

Northern Lights: 

This is something we have always wanted to go searching for. And we suspect that to finally experience them will take a number of journeys and perhaps travels further than the UK. And we are ready for that. But you have got to start somewhere and there is no better place to start than Scotland. We had planned to go in January, however illness struck the VanGlorious household, and our trip is postponed. The lights are still waiting for us.

Mountain road with snowy mountains

Snowy Mountains:

Back in the day (BC  - Before Children) James, my other half, used to be a bit of a mountain goat, spending his time climbing and hiking and occasionally yodelling. Now the boys are almost house trained, he is planning to get out to the mountains again, in the van. The plan is to base himself in the heart of the hills, enjoy the snow and return to VanGlorious comfort (Van features). There should be some great photos to share.

March – LaunchFest! 

Rocking out at the Deepdale Hygge: This will be our second time at the amazing Deepdale Hygge (Hygge). It is a great family weekend to kick off an adventurous Summer. It’s at our favourite campsite, Deepdale Backpackers near Brancaster Staithe on the North Norfolk coast. This will be the Grand launch of the VanGlorious fleet and we are taking some friends and family along to enjoy the fun. From barn dances to barnstorming rock, scavenger hunts, storytelling and star-gazing, all washed down with craft beer and marshmallows toasted on open fires. Can’t Wait!

Deepdale Hygge banner

Summer –The Big WeekEnders. 

Lots of weekenders and bigger trips and far too many plans to go into detail here. But we are looking to continue to get into water sports, from surfing to SUPping. We hope to try beach casting and sailing. Basically, spending as much time as we can by the coast this summer. Another big theme of the summer is cycling. We have already done loads of cycling trips with our Campervan. We have invested in a Thule Bike rack which carries 4 bikes. It tips down, away from the back door, so it’s really easy to get access to the back of the van with the rack still attached (rent one from us to try it out!). And we plan to continue our two-wheel adventures throughout this year.

Autumn -Island Fling

The Scottish Islands – a walking/beach holiday with the boys, more details to follow. Hopping from Isle to Isle on the ferry ticket. Pitch up and head out to some of the best and most secluded Islands in the world. I’m looking forward to planning this one

Christmas – maybe, just maybe….??! 

And that is our VanGlorious year plan. We hope to do all of them, but…we’ll see! The beauty of the Campervan is flexibility. We can change our plans at will, to wherever our mood takes us.

Please subscribe or follow us to learn how we get on. And share your adventures with us for a chance to win some great prizes. If this plan has inspired you to make VanGlorious memories of your own, then it’s simple. Just get in touch (contact us) and our expert team will ensure that you have everything that you need for the perfect adventure. Go on, make some memories this year! 

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