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Freedom shouldn’t cost the Earth

The economics of a VanGlorious Campervan holiday 

Everyone wants to feel they are getting value for money. It doesn’t have to be cheap, but no-one wants to pay over the odds for anything. It takes the enjoyment out of a thing! 

A bargain or an offer always makes you feel like you are winning.  

I’ve been looking at family holidays this year. Almost obsessively, and I want to take our dog too. I’m sure it’s to do with lockdown coming to an end (hopefully), and that desire to get out and about again, stretching our legs, relaxing and most importantly…having some fun together!  

As part of my research, I’ve been looking at taking the family away to self-catered cottages, holiday parks and bravely, even all-inclusive holidays abroad.  

We like to be near the action. Even just to have it as an option is great, a nearby town to explore, some sight-seeing, an attraction or some activities. This is mainly to do with the children. I have always thought that if the kids are having fun on holiday, then so are we. I’m not suggesting they need to be entertained constantly but having a bit of variety is key. It’s all about options.  

Finding good locations for family holidays can be the easy part, but then paying for them quite surprised me.  

Cottages can either be remote or really expensive. Too remote and the kids will only appreciate the scenery for so long. Or if you want a property with all the amenities, wow you certainly pay for it. A beautiful little cottage for four in a Cornish town, bringing everything within easy reach, can be incredibly costly. And often no parking! I found a perfect one for almost £1200 for one week in the summer holidays. Wow! 

Campervan with roof box

The thing that shocked me the most was the price of taking a family of four away to a Holiday Park, or on a Package Holiday to Spain. Holiday Parks in the UK (like Butlins etc) and holidays abroad seem so attractive for families, with pools, restaurants, and entertainment. Yet, the cost blew me away! Holiday park villas for 4 for almost £1700 for a week and Spanish hotels around £3000 are crazy prices. Bring in the stresses of flight times and airports, and the huge environmental impacts of flying. This does not seem good value.  

As a family, we have holidayed in both cottages and on holiday parks and have had great times on both. But the cost seems to be going up, and it’s making me appreciate our Campervan holidays more.  

The main thing being you have your travel and accommodation costs in one. Your hotel on wheels! At just over £900 for a week in the summer holidays, this seems much more reasonable.  

It’s also about the type of holiday you are taking. Everything seems to slow down and relax, and it’s a unique holiday experience. Being outside rather than stuck indoors is regenerative – fresh air and freedom. Just what you need after being locked down for months on end.  

You can have any sort of holiday you want, all rolled into one. As active or relaxing as you choose. Into the hills one day, the beach the next, relaxing on a campsite or then off sight-seeing the day after. Whatever you feel like doing is always option, every day.  You aren’t tied to one type of holiday and that’s what keeps us coming back to the Campervan. It’s the simple life, shedding all the restrictions of one location, travelling light, and pleasing ourselves. Just doing whatever takes our fancy, wherever it may be, or moving on to somewhere new, hassle free.  

Beachscape with the sun shining

Talking about the economics of holidaying is tricky, when trying to place a value on something that’s not tangible. However, now I’ve looked at the different options out there, a Campervan holiday is incredibly good value for money when you think about the cost of taking a family of four away. From around £220pp/pw, you get excitement, freedom, flexibility, comfort, luxury camping and bags of fun.  

All of our VanGlorious Campervan prices include insurance, breakdown cover and unlimited mileage too. No hidden extras.  

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