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It starts with YOU – Why a VanGlorious Campervan holiday is right for you.

In Vansplaining #1 I tried to explain why a Campervan holiday was right for my family. In this blog I want to talk about YOUR why. Why a VanGlorious camper van holiday is right for you? Whether you are a family of 4, a group of friends planning to surf the Cornish breaks or a couple craving a weekend together with nothing to do but watch the sun go down, we believe that a VanGlorious camper van rental is what you are looking for.

At this point I could focus on the features that a VanGlorious holiday offers you.

I could tell you about the great value of a VanGlorious holiday, costing as little as £23 per person per night.

I could tell you about the perfect, brand new, top of the range California Oceans.

Or the amazing safety features.

Or the simple booking process.

Or I could take the time to write about the best add-ons available to make your holiday the best that it can be… from Thule 4x bike carriers, to portable Cobb kitchens for the perfect BBQ on the beach.

Perhaps I could focus on the environmental credentials of our vans, affording you a holiday that won’t cost the earth.

I could, but I won’t, not this time at any rate!

I want to focus on the benefits of a VanGlorious adventure holiday.

Because that is why VanGlorious came about. At VanGlorious we believe that adventure makes people happier. We believe that an adventure gets us away from the clutter of the modern world. We believe that adventure gets us back to what matters most. Ourselves, each other and the endless possibilities of this amazing planet of ours. 

And let’s be clear, adventure is accessible, achievable and fun. It is not about climbing Everest in 3 hours. It is not about completing an ultra-super-dooper Iron Man before breakfast. At VanGlorious it is about doing fun things that you don’t do everyday. Adventure is outside, and is best enjoyed with friends and family. That’s adventure the VanGlorious way.

Let me give you an example from my family.

I am not Bear Grylls.

We are not the Swiss Family Robinson.

We are a normal family, with an utterly normal family life. Cluttered, busy, loud.

Last year we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows on a deserted beach in Pembrokeshire. All while big waves crashed in and the sun went down. With about 15 folks we had only met that day! Rock pooling, clambering over boulders and just a little wine. A Perfect Adventure. And a memory that will last a life-time (the boys still talk about it) but hardly an expedition to the Hindu Kush.

VanGlorious exists to create these adventures, and our vans are quite simply the best machines to do that in. Want to rent one?

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