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All I want for Christmas….

….. is a healthy and happy 2021. It might sound like a cliché, but I really want all the people I love to be safe,


Stranger Things

It is said that ‘No news is good news’ and I’m happy to say it’s true this time. We’ve been quiet for a while, VanGlorious has hunkered down and weathered


I know what we did this summer….

Adventures in our VW Campervan, Summer 2019. What a year 2019 has been, and it’s only October. VanGlorious was launched, and we have been busy!



Our brand new VW California Ocean Campervans have arrived! 9 People. 3 vans. One Hygge. The vans have finally arrived and for the preceding weeks


500 days of summer

Why does the open road call? Just a quickie today. I have been thinking about how I can best make memories for my young boys this


The Van Plan

Pack your bags! 2019 is a big year. Sure, we have launched Vanglorious and we are getting bookings in the diary (thank you by the way) but we are

map of europe


It starts with YOU – Why a VanGlorious Campervan holiday is right for you. In Vansplaining #1 I tried to explain why a Campervan holiday was right for

Walking to the beach


It starts with a Why? – Why are campervans right for us? Myself and the boys (aka: the villainous 3) have tried them all –

Wells next The Sea Camper Hire

VanGlorious is born!

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun]‘VanGlorious’ –  an awesome company that offers the best Campervan Hire in Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and the whole of The Midlands. Honestly that is what is